Annotated Plagiarism

Annotated Plagiarism

Plagiarism is not only against learning institutions’ policies, but it is also against the law.

If an HCC tutor reviews your paper and it shows signs of being plagiarized, it will be tutored, but pink highlighting will be used where you have used a source’s exact wording without providing an in-text citation and quotations around the plagiarized work. The tutor will then follow that with the URL leading to the website from which the plagiarized work was taken.

If the tutor suspects plagiarism but cannot locate the source, the suspected plagiarized work will be highlighted in green and the tutor will explain why it is suspicious. The information in our Resource Center will help you correct this problem.

Keep in mind that your instructor wants to see what you can do, not what a reference source can do. 

The file below can be downloaded and contains examples that will show you the ways in which an HCC Upswing tutor will annotate any suspected or confirmed plagiarism in a paper that has been submitted.

Annotated Plagiarism [23 kbs]

File download.