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Whether it’s for a better job, your family, or the first step toward a 4-year degree – HCC has over 300 online and on-campus associate degree and certificate programs for everyone, anytime. If you are starting, continuing, or relaunching your educational journey, please know you don't have to figure it out alone. Virtual and in-person help is available to help you apply, enroll and cover costs.

Enrollment Updates

Register Now for Summer Courses. Late Start Spring Registration Still Available.

Whether you prefer the convenience of online learning or the energy of being on campus for in-person courses, HCC has multiple start dates available to meet your needs. 

Summer 2023 Registration is Now Open

HCC offers multiple Summer sessions and a mini-session immediately after the Spring semester ends. The Summer course schedule has in-person and online courses starting from May to July 2023. Please view the Summer sessions below and click here to view the next available start date for courses.

  • Summer Mini (three-week courses)
  • Summer 10-wk (10-week courses)
  • 5-wk Summer 1 and Summer 2 (five-week courses)
  • Summer 8-wk (eight-week courses)

Late Start Spring Registration Still Available

HCC offers multiple Spring sessions and a winter mini-session that takes place immediately after the Fall semester ends. The Spring course schedule has in-person and online courses with start dates from December 2022 - April 2023. Please view the Spring sessions below and click here to view the next available start date for courses.

  • Winter Mini 4-WK (4-week courses)
  • Regular 16-WK (16-week courses)
  • 2nd Start (12-week courses)
  • 1st 8-WK (eight-week courses)
  • 2nd 8-WK(eight-week courses)
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th 4-WK (4-week courses)


Enrollment Support & Events

In-person and Virtual Enrollment Support Available 

Before accessing a virtual or in-person service, please always reference the Virtual Lobby page ( for the most up-to-date Zoom links, hours of operations, and locations. 

Virtual Information Session for New Students: How to Become an HCC Eagle

Join our HCC Admissions Advising team to learn how to become an HCC Eagle.

Whether you are trying to work through the application process and admissions requirements, are curious about the degrees we offer, or have general questions about HCC, the virtual Spring 2023 Information Sessions have the experts on hand to answer all your questions.  We will also show you what to expect after you apply so you're set you up for success.

Enrollment Updates

Missed the latest enrollment update? Click here to view the latest enrollment updates.  


Steps to Apply and Enroll

Step 1: Admissions Application (Future & Returning Eagles)

Your first step as a future or returning HCC Eagle is to submit an admissions application.

Click here to complete one of the admissions applications below

Degree-Seeking Application (not for F-1 students)  

  • This application is for:
    • Students seeking college credit.
    • Students seeking Certificates of Completion; Associate degrees in Arts, Sciences, Teaching, and Applied Science. Click here to learn areas of study for our degree options.  
    • Students seeking to transfer credit to other colleges or universities.
    • * Students wanting to attend college-level courses as dual-credit students should use this application.
  • Future HCC Eagles - New degree-seeking students joining the HCC Eagle family for the first time should complete this admissions application based on their educational goals. 
  • Returning HCC Eagles - Degree-seeking students who have not been enrolled for the past 3 semesters are returning students who will need to log in to their Student Center to check their HCC To-do List for details to reapply. 

F-1 International Student Application  

Continuing Education Application  

  • This application is for: 
    • Students interested in short-term classes for job training, general knowledge, to learn a new skill, to upgrade existing skills, or to explore personal interests.
    • Students seeking a certificate of completion in preparation for certification and licensure exam. 
  • Click here to connect with the Office of Continuing Education

Adult Education Application (not for F-1 students) 

  • This application is for:
    • Students seeking High School Equivalency (HSE) classes are designed to improve basic skills and prepare students for the HSE examinations (GED, HiSET, or TASC).
    • ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) students wanting to speak, read, and write English.
    • Career4U Academy for students who want to receive a workforce certificate in high-growth occupations.
    • Students who want to attend TSI Boot Camp to prepare for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment.
  • Click here to connect with the Office of Adult Education.

Adult High School Application 


Step 2: Financial Aid Application

All students (part-time and full-time) should apply for financial aid immediately after applying for admissions to HCC. By submitting a financial aid application, you may qualify for a combination of over 10 types of grants, loans, institutional scholarships, and work-study funds that can help cover the cost of college.

Filling out a financial aid application is the first step in learning your options to pay for collegeAlthough HCC has multiple start dates and accepts financial aid applications throughout the year, submitting an application early will give you a better chance of securing aid. 


Depending on your citizenship status, you would have to either fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA).

  • Citizens or permanent residents of the US trust territories should complete the FAFSA to determine federal, state and institutional (HCC) aid eligibility.
  • Undocumented Students should complete the TASFA to determine state and institutional (HCC) aid eligibility.
  • F1 Students should complete the TASFA to determine institutional (HCC) aid eligibility.


HCC has multiple start dates and accepts financial aid applications throughout the year, submitting the FAFSA early will give you a better chance of securing grants, loans, work-study, and emergency aid funds you may be eligible to receive. Many part-time and full-time students who complete the application process receive some form of federal, state, or institutional financial aid, so you should always fill out a FAFSA. Not filling out the FAFSA could mean you are leaving federal, state, or institutional aid unclaimed.

  • To fill out the FAFSA, visit
  • For assistance with completing the FAFSA, please visit to connect with the financial aid department.
  • FAFSA Guide | Visit our webpage that details everything you need to fill out the FAFSA.


Submitting the TASFA early will give qualifying part-time and full-time students a better chance of securing state grants, work-study, or institutional aid they may be eligible to receive. Not filling out the TASFA could mean you are leaving state or institutional aid unclaimed.



Step 3: Enrollment Checklists

Your To-do List may have four types of checklist items in your Student Center: policy, onboarding/pre-enrollment; financial aid; or other. To avoid delays in the processing of your application, please visit; select "Student Sign In"; and select "Checklist" box/tile to complete all To-do List items. 



  • Campus Carry Training
  • Consent to Text Messaging
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Title IX



  • Veterans: For updates on how to contact the Veteran’s Office, please click here.
  • F-1 International: For updates on how to contact International’s Office, please click here.


Step 5: Enroll in Classes

Click here to enroll


Registration is now open. With multiple start dates, you can join the Eagle Family at the best time for you. Click here to view the next available start date


 Below are some helpful video tutorials to help you enroll in classes. 



Options to Pay for College

With one of the lowest tuitions in Houston, HCC is an affordable option to reach your educational goals. 


Update or Change Account Information

Throughout the admissions and enrollment process, you may need to submit additional documentation to fulfill requirements for enrollment or to update your records.

You can access and download the Admissions and Enrollment Forms by clicking here. It’s important that you make submitting the requested documentation a priority. Not doing so could result in processing delays or enrollment holds.



Enrollment Support

Student Services Contact Center

Virtual Lobby for Current/Former Students: Current/former students should use the Virtual Lobby page as a one-stop resource to connect virtually and in person for help with enrollment, advising, and payment arrangements.