Password reset information

Instructions for Faculty, Staff and Student User Password Resets

Expired Password

If users’ password has expired, you must go to the link and click on the Forgot My Password link, enter your username and answer the questions presented in order to receive a password reset.

Password Reset

If you have received notification that your password will soon expire, you must go to the link located on the HCC homepage to reset your password for HCC email, PeopleSoft Student System Sign-In, Eagle Online2 and campus computers. When accessing the link, the current password must be active … meaning the user is able to login to their HCC email.

Students should use:

Username: W12345678

Password: (Use your current password)

Note: Only the username or userID must be typed in the fields provided. Do not add to the username or userID.

Faculty and Staff should use:

Faculty that do not have a staff account in the student system should use "W12345678" to access the faculty center.  Otherwise, if you are a Department Chair or a Dean you must use firstname.lastname to access the faculty center as well as other administrative functions in student system.

Username: evan.houston

Password: (Use your current password)

Note: Once a password has been reset, the user must wait 15 minutes before logging into their account.

 *Disabled User Accounts due to multiple unsuccessful attempts to login

If your account was disabled to due to 10 unsuccessful attempts to login, wait 10 minutes and the account will be enabled or please contact the IT Help Desk at 713-718-8800 to unlock your account.