Loans at HCC are offered through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, which issues loans directly from the federal government. HCC encourages you to review all information about loans before deciding to borrow and to borrow only what you need. Available loans include:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans
  • HCC does not offer Federal Perkins or Private Loans.


How to Apply for Loans

The first step in applying for any financial aid at HCC, including grantsloansscholarships and work study, is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 


Loan Requirements

In order to receive loan funds for the semester, the student loan requirements (noted below) must be completed approximately 30 days prior to the end of the semester 

  1. Accept or decline the loans offered to you based on your eligibility.
  2. Complete Federal Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling, which explains your rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower.
  3. Complete your Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).
  4. Be enrolled and attending 6 or more credit hours.


Purchase Books with Loans

When you have loan funds leftover after tuition and fees, your loans are available to assist with purchasing books beginning on the second day of classes.

In order for your aid to be available in the bookstore, you must complete all loan requirements (enrollment and attendance in 6 or more credits, completed loan promissory note and completed entrance loan counseling).

Once your eligible financial aid is authorized, you will receive an email letting you know you can purchase books at HCC Bookstore. Click here for more information about purchasing books.


Disbursement and Refunds for Loans

Disbursement means that all eligible financial aid funds will be posted to your account as a payment for classes. Once a disbursement of your financial aid is posted as payment for your classes, any aid leftover will be refunded to you within 48 – 72 hours (2-3 business days).

Students will receive their loan disbursement 30 calendar days after attendance is verified for 6 or more credits. 

Registering for classes with different start dates will affect how long it takes to verify attendance for 6-credit-hour requirement. For example, if you are taking 6 credit hours with one regular term class and one second start class, your loans will not disburse until attendance is verified for the second start class.

Loan requirements must be completed before loans can disburse and refund. 

4 Things That Affect Disbursement Schedule

  1. SCHEDULE CHANGE: If your schedule changes and you enroll in later start classes, your scheduled disbursement week will change. Contact your campus financial aid office for those details.
  2. WITHDRAWALS: Withdrawing from classes will have an impact on the scheduled disbursement. If you withdraw from class(es), all aid will be held for review and eligibility may need to be recalculated. Contact your campus financial aid office for those details.
  3. LOAN REQUIREMENTS: To receive a disbursement for loans, you must meet the requirements listed above.
  4. ONE-SEMESTER LOANS: If your loan is for one semester only, you will receive two payments within that semester. Contact your campus financial aid office for those details.


Exit Counseling When You Graduate or Withdraw

If you are graduating, withdrawing, or dropping below half-time (six credit hours), please complete Federal Direct Stafford Loan Exit Counseling.

HCC will receive the results the next business day. Your academic records will be on hold until this is completed.


Title IV Loans Code of Conduct

Houston Community College prohibits the following actions with regard to processing and delivering federal direct student loans to students.

  • Revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender, including Title IV or private education loan lenders;
  • Gifts from a lender, guaranty agency, or loan servicer to financial aid office or other institutional employees with responsibilities related to education loans;
  • Acceptance of any fee, payment, or other financial benefit (including the opportunity to purchase stock) by a financial aid office employee or other institutional officer or employee with responsibilities related to education loans as compensation for consulting or other contractual arrangement to provide education loan related services;
  • Steering a first-time borrower’s loan to a particular lender through award packaging or any other method (for example, the school’s website or publications);
  • Refusing or delaying certification of any loan based on a borrower’s lender selection;
  • Requesting or accepting from any lender offers of funds for making private education loans (including opportunity pool loans) in exchange for providing concessions or promises for providing a specific number or volume of private loans, or for private loan preferred arrangements;
  • Call center or financial aid office staffing assistance from any lender, except under certain limited circumstances specified in statute and regulation; and
  • Compensation provided to financial aid office or other school employees with financial aid or education loan-related responsibilities for service on advisory boards, commissions, or groups established by a lender or guarantor (or a group of lenders or guarantors), except for reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred for such service.


Your Loan Total May be Incomplete or Inaccurate

 If you recieve a loan letter from Finanical Aid, remember that your loan totals may not be accurate due to any of the circumstances below. 

  • Students who have borrowed at multiple institutions, who have consolidated loans, had loan debt discharged or forgiven, or who have repaid a portion of their debt may find that these estimates are inaccurate.
  • Grad PLUS Loans, Federal Health Profession Loans, state or institutional loans and private loans from other institutions are not included in these estimates.
  • Interest that accrues while you are enrolled, which must be paid first or capitalized (added to your debt), has not been projected here and therefore has not been included in these estimates. 
  • The Federal Direct Loan figures in this letter are based on the most recent information sent to Houston Community College by NSLDS and should include loans from any institution. However, if you recently received Direct loans at another institution, these may not have been included in the information provided by NSLDS. 
  • State Teaching scholarships and Federal TEACH grants, which may be converted to loans if scholarship terms and conditions are not met by the recipient, are not included in these estimates.
  • Education loans your parent took out on your behalf, and parent loans you may have taken for your children, are not included in these estimates.
  • Loans included in this letter may have been discharged or forgiven.