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We connect Mentors with Mentees! We offer several events throughout the year to allow you to network with HCC faculty, staff and students. So don’t forget to check your email from your College SEA Coordinator!

SEM Board Information

SEM Board Positions

Board Officers are elected annually and are expected to fulfill the duties of their respective offices as stated in the Society of Eagle Mentors Board Bylaws, providing overall support for the SEM Board.

President: Presiding officer and leader. Responsible for overall operations of the organization;

Vice President: Responsible for membership, recruitment, and retention, and shall serve in the absence of the President.
Point person to mentors, and coordinates the mentor-mentee match process;

Responsible for keeping historical records, photographs, and documents of SEM. Develops and maintains social media platforms;

Responsible for maintaining all financial records and writing CAB proposals;

Director of Special Projects:
Planning and coordinating speakers, meetings, social activities, and special projects;

Director of Communications:
Responsible for meeting notices, Minutes, publicity, and information dissemination, and act as a CAN liaison.

Director of Program Evaluation: Responsible for disseminating and retaining program evaluation surveys.

College SEM Coordinators:
Responsible for overseeing college mentoring operations and the Student Ambassadors.


Society of Eagle Mentors Board Officers

President:  Rima Adil, SE College

Vice President:  Mahnaz Kolaini, NW College

Director, Special Projects: Martin Perez, NE College

Treasurer:  Alda Martinez, SE College

Historian:  Keitha Robinson, SE College

Director of Communications:  Dr. Particia Ugwu, Coleman College

Director of Program Evaluation: Dr. Estelle Sit, HCC SE

College SEM Coordinator

Jennifer Williams, SE College

Dr. James Shippy, SW College

Thomas Sneed, SW College

Latina King, SW College

Lesley Savoy-Green, NE College

Lilian Baldwin, NW College

Dean Jason Wilson, CE College

Farah Togle, Coleman College

Catherine Durmond, Coleman College


Eagle Mentor

An Eagle Mentor will provide HCC and other resources as needed, and will authentically shares his or her own knowledge and college/career experiences with the Eagle Mentee.  An Eagle Mentor would also provide shadowing experiences or referrals to appropriate personnel as needed.  Eagle Mentor-Mentee meetings will be held at least twice per semester, and the Eagle Mentor agrees to be available to the Eagle Mentee through phone and/or emails.

Student Mentor Information Form [69 kbs]

Mentor Information Form (Faculty/Staff) [71 kbs]

Eagle Mentor Information

Hints and Tips for Becoming a Mentor

Mentoring is a two-way street. While you share your skills and experiences, you also learn about your mentee’s interests, goals, and aspirations in a safe environment. Here are a few suggestions to help you prepare.

  1. Feel free to talk about the significant achievements in your life- both academic and personal. 
  2. Be yourself. Don’t be afraid to share the challenges and obstacles you have faced in your life.
  3. Be prepared to talk about your own mentors or significant people who have motivated and encouraged you to reach your goals.
  4. Be patient and listen actively. Ask questions and motive and encourage to change.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the degree plan your mentee is interested in and the skill sets required for success.
  6. It is important to be mindful of your mentee’s cultural and social background. Appreciate diversity.
  7. Be clear about the scope and boundaries of mentorship. It helps to be specific about the duration. It is time-bound.
  8. You don’t have to have all the answers to be a good mentor. Feel free to leverage internal resources available to you.


Eagle Mentee

Eagle Mentee:

  • Meets with Mentor in person at least twice a semester 
  • Uses various forms of communication; Plans to complete mentoring relationship by the end of semester 
  • Asks questions and discusses issues of concern
  • Explores career choices and opportunities 
  • Checks with Mentor if job shadowing opportunities are available through the College Advisory Network (CAN)

Eagle Mentee Information Form [69 kbs]