Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, B.A.T.

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, B.A.T.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Applied Technology in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics provides the latest information and real-world experience. It includes courses developed by large companies such as Nvidia, AWS, Intel, Apple, and IBM to ensure students obtain the knowledge and finest tools available in most aspects of applied artificial intelligence. In addition, students have complete access to the latest corporate and open-source tools available. One of the defining characteristics of HCC’s degree is the use of world-class AI Laboratories to explore and experience coordinated challenges, contests, and hand’s-on projects. The mentor component of the supervising/assisting industry professional helps validate important skill acquisition throughout the program while actively involving students in projects that range from global issues to local neighborhood problem-solving. Graduates will qualify for entry-level AI jobs in a variety of areas, including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, business intelligence, customer support automation, recommendation systems, sales, and product support information systems, internal automation projects, healthcare support automation, data analytics, IIOT/Robotics, cybersecurity and more.

AWARD TYPES: Bachelor of Applied Technology

AREA OF STUDY: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Degree Plan

Degree plans are subject to change. See official degree plans in the 2023-24 HCC Catalog & Student Handbook.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Houston Community College Bachelor of Applied Technology in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics students should be able to:

Demonstrate a solid command of the evidence-based fundamentals of A.I. in Cybersecurity by identifying changing practices and new standards to reduce organizational risk. Setup the CISA standard practices for identifying threats, list the standard techniques to reduce the threats and identify notification procedures.


Organize and articulate the standard A.I. approach to solving a variety of business problems (Customer Data Analytics, Automated Networking Practices, Cloud-based A.I. resources and communications and security regarding edge/IOT implementation) generally encountered in the real world as examples of applied Artificial Intelligence.


Build a Machine Learning Model and Data Pipeline process with application testing/validation and identify the deployment process and production implementation that incorporate updates and changes.


Design and Program a plan for a Healthcare application that configures A.I. into a complete Computer Vision PPE Application with coding, equipment, data handling, security and support structure. Adapt this application for a factory safety OSHA requirements.



Manage and define a standard H.R. application of applied artificial intelligence whereby the job is to demonstrate PROOF that "the business" utilized every method necessary to prove compliance with modern social practices to mitigate racial, social bias, discriminatory practices in talent engagement practices.

Program Information

Program Schedule

Program Schedule

  • Program days and times may vary but you should plan to attend classes 3-4 days a week in person and/or on-line.
    Lab hours are in the West Loop and Stafford Campuses.


Admission Requirement

Associate of Applied Science degree from HCC in Artificial Intelligence with a cumulative G.P.A. 2.5

Students who have completed an associate degree in other computer science fields such as Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Programing, Networking and /or Systems Administration must complete all AI and ML courses from the HCC Artificial Intelligence associate degree plan as pre-requisites to upper division courses for the bachelor’s degree in AI & Robotics. These required pre-requisites include the following courses:

  • ITAI 1370 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) History, Theory, and Platforms Credits: 3
  • ITAI 1371 - Introduction to Machine Learning Credits: 3
  • ITAI 1372 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Cybersecurity Credits: 3
  • ITAI 1378 - Computer Vision for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Credits: 3
  • ITAI 2374 - Robot Operating System & Platforms in Artificial Intelligence (A I) Credits: 3
  • ITAI 2373 - Natural Language Processing (NLP) Credits: 3
  • ITAI 2372 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications & Case Histories Credits: 3
  • ITAI 2377 - Data Science in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Credits: 3
  • ITAI 2376 - Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Credits: 3


How do I submit an Application?

If you are new to Houston Community College (HCC) or transferring to HCC, your first step is to become an HCC Eagle by submitting a free admissions application to HCC. Please create a profile and complete the application to obtain an HCC student ID: If you have filled out an HCC application at any point, or you already have an HCC student ID number, please do not submit another application.  Speak with an Advisor regarding the status of your current application.


Information Session:

Join us for our informative sessions and learn about the exciting programs we offer under the Digital & Information Technology Center of Excellence.

Our two-hour long sessions cater to your interests and needs. We provide comprehensive information on our programs, answer your questions, offer career advice, discuss the latest news, and suggest potential sources of funding.

Choose from our general virtual sessions or AI-program specific sessions. Our in-person AI-program sessions include a tour, which will give you a glimpse into our facilities as we prepare for the launch of our bachelor's degree in AI & Robotics in Fall 2023.

If you miss a session, don't worry! We keep recordings and follow up with an email containing all the necessary information and documentation.

You can register here.



Request transcripts from all prior higher education institutions attended to be sent to HCC Registrar’s office by the deadline for the semester you are seeking to start. For information on how to submit your official transcripts go here.



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Estimated Costs

Tuition is estimated using the Texas resident rates. Out of district and out of state residents will have higher tuition fees.
CLICK HERE for our tuition calculator. Tuition is for core coursework only. General Education and Support courses are not included.



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