Healthcare Management, B.A.S.

Healthcare Management, B.A.S.

About the Program

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Healthcare Management is designed to prepare students for career advancement or entry-level healthcare managerial positions. The degree program enables working professionals to advance their careers by focusing on leadership skills, knowledge, and credentials in healthcare management.

AWARD TYPES: Bachelor of Applied Science

AREA OF STUDY: Health Sciences

Degree Plan

Degree plans are subject to change. See official degree plans in the 2023-24 HCC Catalog & Student Handbook. when published in the spring of 2023.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Houston Community College Bachelor of Applied Science in Healthcare Management students should be able to:


Analyze and interpret healthcare data and information for effective decision-making that related to delivery, quality, regulatory policies and ethical guidelines.


Demonstrate professional competencies in communication, information technology, management, and leadership, independent or in a collaborative team while building stakeholder relationships.


Evaluate and demonstrate advocacy and cultural competence across populations, communities, and individual healthcare settings.


Apply effective resource management practices to improve organizational effectiveness.

Program Information

Requirements to apply to the BAS of Science Healthcare Management?

Applicants must have an AAS in an allied healthcare-related field such as but not limited to Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant, Radiography Technician, Medical Laboratory, Histologic Technician, Nuclear Medicine Technician, Dental Hygiene or Health Information Technology. Students with AAS degrees from HCC are priority admission. If you are not a current HCC student, you must also apply to the college, apply to the BAS program and provide HCC with official transcripts that show a conferred health science AAS degree.


Ready to apply? Ok, let's start!

Applications for BAS Healthcare Management program are accepted during the specific application window period listed in the Admission Guide. All admission communications will be sent to your preferred email address, so be sure to check regularly for information, requests, and correspondence.

1.  Review the admissions guide.

Read the admissions guide for the BAS Healthcare Management program.

2. Complete an information session.

Completing a virtual information session.

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3.  Are you a current or former HCC student?

If you are a current or former student and have a valid HCC ID number, please proceed to step 4.
If you do not yet have a HCC student ID number, .

4. Apply to the BAS Healthcare program.

Complete the application to the BAS Healthcare using the link below

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Marketable Skills

Learn more about the marketable skills—skills valued by employers that can be applied in variety of work settings—so you can communicate these to potential employers. Click on the relevant award title below to see descriptions of marketable skills for that area.

Healthcare Management, B.A.S.


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Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Healthcare Management