Student musicians step up their game at jazz summer camp

Oct 11, 2022

Music filled the air at the 2022 F2F Music Summer Camp, which drew 21 Houston-area students to the HCC Stafford Fine Arts building for an immersive musical experience.

Now in its third year, the summer camp was the result of a partnership this year between Houston Community College Southwest and the F2F Music Foundation, a nonprofit educational performing arts group founded by jazz recording artist Vel Lewis.

The camp included presentations by local jazz artists, a Brazilian percussionist, Zydeco musician, and a violin maker, among others. The 10-day camp culminated in a concert July 22 featuring the students, ages 8 to 17. The students also got to play with professional musicians.

“It’s so fulfilling to see the smiles on kids’ faces when they are learning and doing something fun,” Lewis said. “At the end of the camp they were so excited to be able to play and show off what they learned. They didn’t want to leave.”

Dr. Colleen Reilly, dean of HCC Media, Visual and Performing Arts Center of Excellence, called the students’ summer camp journey inspiring.

“The final performance featured students new to musicianship including a trumpet player and a clarinet player just eight days into reading music and playing their instruments,” she said. “I was especially moved by the confidence and joy that the students shared with each other and the audience. It was a wonderful celebration of community and connection through the arts.”

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