Basic Water Works Operations

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About the Program

Water treatment is an essential service for sending the natural resource to homes and businesses from water purification plants and facilities. Waterworks operators and other treatment facility personnel must manage the daily water treatment and distribution procedures responsibly to uphold public health and environmental quality. HCC’s Industrial Technology and Energy Water Works Operations program prepares students for standard procedures and other techniques used to manage equipment as well as other sections of the water treatment system. The program helps students fulfill industry requirements, including the Class D licensing requirement by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ). An individual holding a Class D license can work in the public works department of a municipality and companies in the private sector.


About the Training

TCEQ # 0092 Basic Water Works Operations is a 20- hour introductory training course. There are ten modules and one review session in the course book, and each section includes information on water treatment techniques operators’ use. Students will learn the importance of asset management, quality assurance, and ethical standards upheld by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

Continuing Education current awards, certificates, and class schedule.

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Course topic include

  • Module 1: Introduction and Orientation
  • Module 2: Water Utility Operators
  • Module 3: Public Relations
  • Module 4: Water Quality
  • Module 5: Ground Water Product
  • Module 6: Surface Water Production
  • Module 7: Disinfection
  • Module 8: Distribution
  • Module 9: Safety
  • Module 10: Calculations


TCEQ License revocation Rules

To receive a new license or registration, or to renew an existing license, you must be in compliance with child support payments, and TCEQ fees or penalties.

For more information please visit 


TCEQ Testing Center Information

Houston Community College

1300 Holman St.

Houston Tx 77004, RM 211


Phone: 713-718-6011


Note: Students/candidates must complete the Occupational Licensing Electronic Application (OLEA) and its requisites before registering for TCEQ testing at HCC.

HCC Exam Registration: HCC - Central Exam Selection | RegisterblastProctoring

Fees: $35 per attempt, per exam


Successful students received

  • An HCC Certificate of Completion in Basic Water Works Operation


Funding Options Available

  • Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG)

    For more information and to apply for this funding source, click the link below for more information:

  • Adult Education – Change Your Life for $20

    For more information and to apply for this funding source, click the link for more information:


To request more information about this course click on the link below to fill out and submit a questionnaire form. A member from the Industrial Technology & Energy department will contact you as soon as possible.

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Steps to Enroll

If you already have an HCC student ID Number, then skip to Step 2.

STEP 1. Online Admission to Houston Community College – Please click on the “Apply to HCC” button below to start the online application.


Standard Admission to Houston Community College- Please complete CEU enrollment form and submit by email to (A member from the department will contact you)


STEP 2. To enroll in class - Log in to your student account. On your Student Homepage click on Continuing & Adult Ed Classes. Use the 5- digit CRN [Class Nbr] that corresponds to the course you wish to register for.


STEP 3. Pay for the course(s) - From your Student Homepage click on Financial Account to pay online.

Program Director, Andrew Johnson III

Industrial Technology & Energy