Student Projects

Students' Work Include:

Students embark on a transformative journey with a spectrum of immersive experiences, including K12 Metaverse Camps, HP Metaverse Symposiums, and VAST Academy STEMVR Camps, all meticulously crafted to ignite curiosity and passion for STEM fields. Peruse the videos below and learn how creativity is unleashed in Media Arts 3D Design and immerse yourself in the future of fashion with our Fashion Promotion Immersive Show. Witness the extraordinary talent displayed in our Interior Design Portfolio Show and explore the avant-garde world of Fashion Sketchfab Collections, featuring awe-inspiring 3D objects. Sharpen your oratory skills at the Ovation Speech & Communications School pilot. Our array of projects goes beyond education – it's a celebration of creativity, collaboration, and the limitless possibilities that the metaverse offers. Join us as we redefine learning and exploration in the digital age. 

VAST Academy Metaverse Camp 2023-

Ovation Pilot for Speech and Communication-


Interior Design Immersive Portfolios Spring 23-

EnchanTECH Halloween Metaverse Project-


SketchFab HCC Fashion Collection

Dance Ensemble Motion Capture Suit

3D Visual Merchandising: HCC Book Store



Danel Zharmenova: Residential Design project 360°

LIDAR/Photogrammetry Drone project