Faculty & Departments

Our HCC Collaborations Include

Our faculty seamlessly integrates expertise from various departments, fostering a dynamic learning environment that transcends traditional boundaries. Immerse yourself in the fusion of creativity and innovation with collaborations spanning across Fashion, Architectural Design and Construction COE, Speech and Communications, English as a Second Language, Cosmetology, Media, Visual and Performing Arts COE, and more. Through these cross-disciplinary partnerships, we ensure a holistic approach to education, empowering students to explore diverse perspectives and cultivate a well-rounded skill set. At Reality Collab, we believe in the power of collaboration to shape future leaders and visionaries across a spectrum of industries.


Professor Claudio Kara Chemistry class at HCC's XR Lab. VR practice for the periodic trend in elements, Atomic and Molecular Orbital visualization.


A clip of our Collaboration with the Fashion Promotion Class Fall 2020. Students in the Promotion class scanned the Spring 2020 Fashion Collection and created 3D objects. You can see the process of Developing an Immersive Fashion Experience here, and the 3D Objects on the HCC Sketchfab here.


Drafting students in the Construction COE at Central Campus are piloting Hololens 2 at HCC to visualize their design. The lines between reality and fiction are finally disappearing on construction sites.