Alumni Testimonials

10KSB Alumni Amanda Tullos

Amanda Tullos

Cohort: 21

Business: GreeNexus Consulting, LLC

Program Experience: “10KSB literally saved my business! While I have a passion for creating green buildings, I did not have detailed business acumen. 10KSB helped me carve out time to work ON the business and improve my skills in areas like, financials, marketing, processes, and human resources. We made the leap from 1099 team to W-2 employer. The Growth Plan we created has served as a map that we have followed and the business has grown substantially!

When you get to the end of what you know and you need to grow your business skills, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. The friends made, knowledge, and resources, make all the difference! “

10KSB AlumniI Irsan Tisnabudi

Name:  Irsan Tisnabudi

Cohort: 12

Business: Aria Services, Inc.

Program Experience: “I was in Cohort 12 of GS10K program at Houston Community College. Not only the program taught me to “own” the business instead of being in it, the modules helped educate me to fill in gaps in the business for it to be a strong, growing and sustainable small business. Despite the pandemic and economic downturn, the GS10K alumni network and Goldman Sachs continue to provide support and advocate for us, small business owners. #MakeSmallBig!”


10KSB Alumni Tam Nguyen

Name: Tam Nguyen

Cohort: 21

Business: CEO & Human Capital Principal at NB Business Solutions

Program Experience: “Although I started the program already having an MBA, my experience has been managing other people’s businesses and global organizations, not so much my own. Goldman Sachs helped me shift my focus to the entrepreneurship side of business and created a mindset for growth strategies such as creating a business with recurring revenue and positioning for a profitable exit. Prior to the program, I was doing what I enjoy and made money, however now with a laser-focus on the purpose and exit is much more rewarding along the way! Additionally, having completed the program, I am better equipped to consult with small businesses.”


10KSB Alumni Ed Ryland

Name: Ed Ryland CCIM,MCR

Cohort: 1SE

Business: President & CEO ARVO Realty Advisors

Program Experience: “One of the most important things I have done for our organization was to complete the Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses Program. This unique program has played a critical role in our company’s and my personal growth as a CEO. ARVO’s vision of becoming one of the country’s premier commercial real estate organization is now a reality. The significant amount of knowledge and guidance obtained helped us build a diversified client base that has allowed our firm to be profitable in economically good in bad times.  If you are looking for a growth plan for your organization this program is a must! It provided the confidence needed to reach future growth targets.”


10KSB Alumni Wande Adedeji

Name: Wande Adedeji

Cohort 25

Business: Vicenzo Leather

Program Experience: “The education I received from the 10,000 Small Businesses program was pivotal for the survival of my business. One of the first classes was about having a contingency plan, every business needs one, and if 2020 taught us anything it is that the unexpected can happen and if a business is not prepared it may not survive. The class on growth opportunities opened my eye to areas of opportunities to grow my business. My business is now better managed and functioning efficiently due to implementing process improvement that was taught in the class. 

Planning to join the program? Don't wait, apply now. It can literally change the course of your business for the better.”


10KSB Alumni Jennifer Lindbom

Name: Jennifer Lindbom

Cohort 24

Business: City and Sea Group LLC

Program Experience: CAS Group is a trusted engineering, urban planning, and program management consulting firm providing professional services across the US and worldwide. We have always been successful with our projects and clients, but we wanted to get to the next level and strengthen the internal firm infrastructure to continue to grow. Since graduating the 10KSB Program in April 2019, CAS Group has made significant strides in improving operations from IT to accounting as well as enhancing our service offerings and facilitating growth of our project portfolio. The program helped this women-owned small business effectively define our goals, assess our organizational needs, and focus on moving towards best practice. Several initiatives were on our “to do list” and the 10KSB provided the guidance and expertise to plan and execute the path forward. Even in uncertain times like 2020, we look to the future with greater confidence than ever before. 


10KSB Alumni Dave E Hess

Name: Dave E. Hess

Cohort: 17

Business: AMS Group

Program Experience: I express my gratitude to the GS10KSB program and faculty in Houston for allowing me to participate in 2017. I’m proud to be a Co-ambassador of Cohort 17 along with Srini Neralla and remain active and in-touch with many of our alumni. In fact, we created a round-table after graduation that acts as an informal board of advisors, compromised of GS10KSB alumni.  We meet once a month, hold all accountable to our business growth plans and act as a confidential sounding board for issues, education, skill sets and growth.

I learned that although we have different companies in different industries, we all face the same key challenges.  Some of those are hiring key people to build our teams, securing necessary financing and lines of credit, especially when we do not need it.  Other points are smart business development strategies, creating blue prints to allow our companies to function without us, allowing us to work on the business and not in the business.  Additional challenges addressed were nurturing key relationships, pivoting as needed and working to achieve AMS’ 5 year goals and possible exit strategy.

In terms of metrics, AMS GROUP grew our revenues 20%, one year after graduation, while maintaining profit margins and adding several key employees to our team.  The core business remains solid, while growth opportunity for long-term, significant projects remain active.  Our revenues grew until 2020, (with COVID-19), but managed to pivot and make a modest profit last year amongst all the turmoil, while building our pipeline for a solid 2021.

Always looking to learn, grow profitably and share best practices, and I am pleased the GS10KSB program remains alive and vibrant in the stellar hands of Dr. Kim Burroughs and her team.


Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses

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Executive Director



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