Curriculum Partners

Curriculum Partners

The Birkman Method® was developed in the late 1940s while Roger W. Birkman, a former WWII pilot, was working with a group of scientists at the University of Texas surveying potentially useful psychological instruments for pilot selection for the US Air Force.

Roger Birkman conceptualized, developed, and refined the Birkman as part of his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Texas. Ultimately, Dr. Birkman believed he could create a much-needed instrument that would measure social expectations, self-concepts, interests, and stress behavior in a single assessment tool. He further believed that such an instrument would be of great value to both organizations and individuals. The original name of the Birkman assessment in 1951 was “Test of Social Comprehension”.

Today, Birkman International continues to back Dr. Birkman’s original insights and research with ongoing research and development of The Birkman Method®. Its research and development department, working with other psychometricians and industrial/organizational psychologists in universities and industry, continues to refine The Method and ensure its relevance in the 21st century.

LOGICAL-OPS_Prime-Logo_72dpi_RGB A tailored combination of products, technology and services that helps customers plan, develop, launch and manage their learning programme. By leveraging a broad set of capabilities that span the entirety of a learning program, Logical Operations provides customers with a level of assurance only possible through a single point of accountability.

 Logical Operations’ capabilities include 5,800 e-Learning courses, 1,300 print courseware titles, a learning platform, hands-on labs, professional certifications, custom content development, managed services and integration services.



Providing worldwide learning and consulting expertise Competing globally isn’t really a strategy anymore. It’s a requirement. One key challenge in this connected, expanded playing field is delivering consistent practices and performance across very different cultures.

With offices in over 40 countries, AchieveGlobal has the reach and expertise to take your organization from strategy to results anywhere in the world. Our learning and consulting solutions retain core consistency while subtly adapting to different cultures to ensure relevance and impact. It’s a global approach with universal core strategic concepts tailored to the needs of our clients worldwide.

We employ a variety of alterations as needed: language and dialect translations, new video, culturally relevant examples, and modified approaches to fit local norms and pace. As your company expands and evolves, let AchieveGlobal’s international learning solutions help you navigate cultures while creating consistent practices that drive consistent success.



For some companies breakthrough technology fuels their growth. For others, it is enhancing customer loyalty or successful entry into emerging global markets. But for all companies, the one priority that stands at the very top is talent. With it, everything is possible. Without it you can count on one failed business strategy after another.

It’s little wonder that three quarters of senior executives who participated in a recent DDI-Economist study listed talent as their most critical business imperative—above all others.

Since 1970, Development Dimensions International (DDI) has been helping hundreds of corporations around the world close the gap—between where their business needs to go and the talent they must have to take them there—in good times and tough times.

DDI’s experience and expertise in talent management is unparalleled:

  • Using our world-class learning systems, organizations are developing more than 250,000 better leaders each year.
  • More than 3,200 high-quality hiring decisions are made every hour and 20,000,000+ candidates have been successfully screened using our behavioral interviewing, testing and assessment systems.
  • Major corporations make crucial promotion and placement decisions for more than 3,000 senior executives each year using our assessment process—in Singapore, Beijing, London, Mumbai, New York and hundreds of other locations around the world.

The numbers are just part of the picture. In an independent survey of senior HR executives, DDI is at the very head of the list of major talent management competitors in terms of breadth of our solutions, our levels of expertise, the quality of our people and services.