Academic Scholarships

Honors College Scholarships

  • You must be participating in the Honors College to receive the funds that will cover tuition and fees not already covered by another source of financial aid.

Chancellor's Scholarships

  • Designed to encourage very high performing students to finish their degree at HCC, $200 will be awarded per semester to students with a 4.0 cumulative GPA who have 30 or more semester credit hours recorded at HCC. If the student receives other aid, he/she must also maintain satisfactory academic progress. The student can retain this scholarship as long as cumulative GPA remains at 4.0.

Impact Scholarships

  • This scholarship targets students with an expected family contribution per FAFSA of $2,500 to $5,100, semester enrollment of 9 semester credit hours or more, and who are either new students or have a cumulative GPA of greater than 2.90. Students will retain scholarship as long as they meet all three criteria elements. New students have a clean slate, but will lose the scholarship upon posting a GPA lower than 2.90.