Eligibility Criteria

1. Student Eligibility. To be eligible to earn PLA credit, a student must be currently or previously enrolled  at HCC for the past 12 months and meet all Houston Community College admissions requirements. They should not have previously taken or attempted the course (by title that is the same as the PLA credit for which they are applying).

  1.  PLA credit is only awarded when it applies to the HCC programs of study.
  2.  Six hours of HCC credit must be successfully completed prior to posting PLA credit.  The exception to this criteria is all standardized exams may be posted to the student’s transcript immediately upon receipt by the Registrar. 

NOTE: A minimum of 25% of the credits for the HCC certificate or degree must be completed at HCC. (Residency Requirement). Please note that credit earned by Advanced Placement (AP) exams does not count toward the six hour requirement.