Northeast College launches 'One Button Studio'


Feb 23, 2017

HCC students had an opportunity to test a new form of technology at the launch of the "One Button Studio" on Wednesday, February 22 at the Codwell Library located at the Northeast Campus -Learning Hub Building, 555 Community College Drive 77013. Faculty and students watched demonstrations and tried their hand at making a high–quality video with the push of a single button. In the new studio, students and faculty are able to record lectures, presentations, interviews and more by following a few simple steps. First, insert a USB large enough to save the file. The lights automatically turn on and start the camera. With the push of one button to begin recording and to stop recording, the presentation is complete. Once done, the file is saved onto the USB and is ready to use. No technical expertise required.

At the opening event, several HCC students practiced by reading poetry on camera. Afterwards, they were shown how to save and review the finish product. The new One Button Studio will open the door to multiple opportunities for students. They can practice presentations or simply record them in advance, then show them in the classroom. The finished videos can also be placed online or used on multiple social media platforms. For more information on the One Button Studio, call 713-718-8354.

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