HCC Northeast Art Hub Gallery kicks off new season with ‘Little Planets’

By NE Public Relations

Sep 4, 2014

The Houston Community College Northeast Art Hub Gallery was filled to capacity with students, faculty, staff and the community in anticipation of the first art show of the 2014-2015 academic year. Artist Syd Moen shared her collection entitled “Little Planets: Reimaging Place” which featured several memorable landmarks in Houston and across Texas. Moen’s works utilize a variety of technologies, including digital cameras and various software, to create her unique pieces. Her 360-degree spherical designs reflect her lifelong interest in photography, including an early interest in digital photography. A native Houstonian, Moen received her B.A. degree in Art History and her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Houston.


The audience engaged the Moen with a variety of questions ranging from her inspiration for the artwork to the methods she used in creating the pieces. She also shared information about free online software with the group, where they could explore their artistic abilities. Many diverse career experiences helped to shape Moen’s art perspective. She has worked in a variety of fields including drafting, fire technology and business. “Everything I’ve ever done has given me the tool and the skills to do this,” says Moen.

The exhibition will run until September 10. Viewing is available Mondays through Fridays by appointment. For details, call Dr. Hilda Gentry at 713.718.8329. The Art Hub Gallery is one of the many programs that HCC Northeast offers to the community. Stressing the importance of infusing art with education, the Art Hub Gallery hosts various art collections throughout the year for the benefit of HCC students and surrounding communities. For more information, visit northeast.hccs.edu.

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