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An Emergency Medical Services (EMS) practitioner performs entry- and advanced-level emergency care as it relates to assessment, treatment management and ongoing evaluation of the critically ill and injured patients. Specifically, the practitioner provides on-site medical care to emergency victims and transports them to area hospitals.

‌‌The practitioner must be emotionally stable and able to work under stress in life-threatenting situations; to have ability to respond quickly in demanding conditions; and make evaluations based on sensory information. Since the work is physically strenuous, the individual must be able to lift and carry heavy weights and possess manual dexterity.

A person entering this field tends toward activities of a humanitarian nature and prefers working directly with people.

The program is designed to orient students to entry and advanced-level as it relates to assessment, treatment, management, and ongoing evaluation of the critically ill and injured patients in their care.

 HCC EMS Academy

The Houston Community College's EMS Department has provided training to thousands of individuals since 1982.

The EMS Department is one of the most recognized and qualified programs in the State of Texas as it relates to pre-hospital education.‌

The Houston Community College Emergency Medical Services Program prepares students for careers in para-medicine, one of the most fast-paced and challenging jobs in the industry.

Recognized as an exemplary program by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

HCC’s Emergency Medical Services Program was the first program in the Texas Gulf Coast Consortium of Community Colleges to be Nationally Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) in cooperation with the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions (CoAEMSP).

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EMS Course Dates & Times

EMS Course Dates & Times

Spring 2015 Courses

HCCS EMS Program Course Costs

CPR-AHA Health Care Professional






8:00am - 3:30pm




8:00am - 3:30pm




8:00am - 3:30pm




8:00am - 3:30pm




8:00am - 3:30pm


EMT-Basic Courses  

EMT-BASIC students are eligble for scholarships - APPLY NOW!



(course could end by 8/25/15)




(course could end by 8/20/15)

M/W 8AM - 4PM




(course could end by 8/20/15)

T/TH 8-am-4pm


EMT-Basic / Hybrid *


(course could end by 8/22/15)

SAT-HYBRID 9am - 4pm


* HYBRID = On-line / Meet Saturday's for Skills practicals 

Advanced-EMT / Paramedic I      

AEMT / Paramedic I - Hybrid/On-Line*

5/30/15 - 11/9/15

SAT-HYBRID  9am-4pm


AEMT / Paramedic I

6/1/15- 10/19/15

M/W 8am-5pm


AEMT / Para medic I

Fall 2015

M/W 8am-5pm


* HYBRID = On-line Class /Meet Saturday's for Skills practicals 


Paramedic II Completer

FALL 2015

T/TH   8am-5pm


Orientation Dates: Codwell Rm 111


1/7/15 at 10am 1/12/15 at 10am

Paramedic II Completer Orientation Information

   *On-line Course    /    **Some Saturday Class Sessions

*Paramedic 1 course formally known as AEMT (Advanced EMT)



HCCS EMS Program Course Costs

 HCCS EMT-Basic Student applicant's are eligble for SCHOLARSHIPS. APPLY NOW!


EMS Courses Required Books

Students may order the EMS Program Text books by option(s) listed (MUST have the 1st day of class).
The HCCS Katy Campus Book Store has limited EMS BOOKS STOCKED – Call to verify.
Publisher – Jones & Bartlett; Follow procedures listed below:



  1. Navigate TestPrep: EMT/ISBN: 9780763795559 Order book here
  2. EMT-Basic Review Manual for National Certification (ISBN-13:9780763744663)

Available on-line at www.jbpub.com (JB Publisher On-Line DISCOUNT Code = HC1EP)

Paramedic I (AEMT – Advanced EMT)
Paramedic II  - REQUIRED TEXT BOOK's):

  • Required 1st day of class.
    CAROLINE'S EMERGENCY CARE IN THE STREETS - Advantage Package, Print Edition/ISBN: 9781284043099 Order book here

Paramedic 1 (AEMT) -  Required for AEMT Class EMSP 2338

  • “Publish eBook: AEMT Supplement – Houston Community College”/ISBN: 9781284002010 Order book here

Optional Books

  • Paramedic I & Paramedic II AEMT-Intermediate/Paramedic OPTIONAL BOOKS
  • JB TestPrep: Paramedic Success /ISBN: 9780763757847 Order book here

EMS Uniforms


HCCS EMS Uniform Regulations

This section establishes specific regulations for wearing uniforms and related equipment. EMS students shall wear only those uniform items officially sanctioned by the HCCS EMS Training Program.
Official Uniform and Equipment Students must purchase uniform for classroom and clinical use.

The style and manner in which any uniform or equipment item is worn, carried and/or used shall be designated in this HCC EMS Program Code of Conduct 6.2015

The official uniform of an HCC trainee shall consist of the following:

  • Uniform pants
  • Blue HCC Polo shirt** (example on Orientation slides)
  • Black socks at least mid calf high. No anklets. (No visible skin.)
  • All leather Black Belt. NO metal belt buckles.**
  • Black boots ONLY (NO shoes or sneakers)
  • HCC EMS Student ID Tag**
  • Watch with a second hand, your cell phone will not work for this
  • Navy Blue Windbreaker with HCC patch** (seasonal)


Uniform Maintenance - Students shall be responsible for keeping all uniform articles clean and in good repair.

Uniform shirts are to be kept clean.

Uniform pants will be kept clean and pressed.

Pants - will be plain bottom leg, hemmed no shorter than to the top of the back of the shoe. Pants will be worn at the natural waist line, not on the hips, with the HCC uniform belt.

Work Boots will be polished and well kept.

Name Tags / ID badge - Students shall wear the issued name tag affixed to the front of the uniform shirt/jacket. Students shall wear name tags at all times when wearing the uniform.

Purchase HCCS EMS Program Uniform from:  Lone Star Uniforms

North Location: 8430 N Sam Houston Pkwy W Houston, TX 77064 Phone: (832) 237-8000

Downtown Location: 1314 Houston Avenue, Houston, Tx (832-237-8000 x202)



CAAHEP Accreditation Logo


NREMT Recognition as Best Practices Training Program State of the Industry Training Facility

The program is fully accredited by the Committee on Accreditation for the Emergency Medical Service Profession (CoAEMSP). Successful program graduates are awarded a certificate of completion in addition to the Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services Degree, which enables them to qualify for licensure as an EMT paramedic with the Texas Department of Health.

Clinical Training Sites

Acute Medical Services (AMS)

Austin County EMS

Best Care EMS

Bayou City EMS

City EMS

Community Volunteer Fire/EMS Department

ETMC EMS (City of Pasadena)

Fort Bend County EMS

Harris County Emergency Corp - HCEC ESD 1

Harris County Hospital District

Houston Fire Department

City of Katy Fire Department

City of Laporte

Manvel EMS

Memorial Hermann Hospital

Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital

Memorial Hermann Katy Medical Center

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital

Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital

Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital

Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital

North Channel Emergency Medical Services

Orien EMS

Spring Branch Medical Center St.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital

The Methodist Hospital

The University of Texas Health Science Center -Houston Medical School of Neurobiology and Anatomy

The Village Fire/EMS Department

West Houston Medical Center

Westlake Fire/EMS Department

City of Wharton EMS

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