Curriculum Innovation Center

About the Department

The goal of the Curriculum Innovation Center (CIC) is to assist faculty with the infusion of technology into curriculum through training and support while focusing on best practices in academia. The CIC at the College, functions to foster faculty collaboration through mentorship's, to provide technical training support for the development of Eagle Online, and to encourage professional development.

We provide up-to-date computer labs and technical support to assist with professional development of projects. These labs are for support of work-related computer projects and are equipped with Apple Imacs, Dell Optiplex Desktops, HP LaserJet printers, HP color printers and HP scanners. Additional equipment like digital cameras, camcorders and CD-DVD burners are available for check-out.

Training & Support



  • Educational Technology - Instructional content design
  • Eagle Online
  • Learning Web


  Curriculum Innovation Center  
 Linda Comte   Director of Educational Technology Services       713.718.8046
 Rose Curvey  Department Secretary       713.718.8704
 Norma Alfaro  CIC Technician       713.718.2819
 Marcellin Patrice  CIC Technician       713.718.2170
 Tamoka Sutton  CIC Technician       713.718.4020
   Educational Technology Services   
 Bruce Broussard  Hardware/Software Tech, Sr.       713.718.5295
 Jonathan Taylor  Hardware/Software Tech, Sr.       713.718.8372
 Jonah Ford  Hardware/Software Tech       713.718.1826
 Norma Afaro  Hardware/Software Tech       713.718.2819
 Marcellin Patrice  Hardware/Software Tech       713.718.2170
Abraham Zermano  Hardware/Software Tech       713.718.8840
Tomika Sutton  Lab Assistant Sr.       713.718.2810
 Andra Tilman  Lab Assistant Sr.       713.718.2810